What to Pack for Agasthyakoodam Trek

What to Pack for the Agasthyakoodam Trek?

Confused about what to pack for the Agasthyakoodam Trek? Here is a list of all the essential things you will need for the same plus a few tips to keep in mind while packing.

Packing smartly can make or break your entire experience. The importance of packing light cannot be emphasised enough as unlike the longer Himalayan Treks, there are no porter facilities available here to carry your luggage and you will simply be a liability for your teammates apart from not being able to enjoy the trek. Reduce the load by carrying just the bare essentials and opting for lightweight items or smaller quantities.

Your entire luggage will be thoroughly checked by the forest department officials prior to your entry and they will not allow even the smallest trace of plastic. This includes plastic used in the packaging of chocolates, biscuits etc. Save them and yourselves the trouble by repacking these items beforehand in newspapers or paper bags.

With respect to plastic bottles of toiletries and water bottles that you carry with you, a note of the total count of plastic items per person will be made and a  deposit of Rs. 100 will be taken from you which shall be refunded on presenting the listed items on your return from the trek.

Here is a list of all the essential things you will be needing for your two or three day trek.

Sl. NoItemQuantityRemarks
Quick dry T-shirt Trekking pants/Quick dry Track pants Undergarments Socks
2 sets-Carry full sleeve t-shirts that can double as sun protection & for additional warmth at night
-Avoid shorts during rainy seasons to prevent leech bites
2Lightweight Jacket1 No.-To be used at night
-I used a windproof raincoat that doubles up as a jacket & for rain protection
3Cap, Balaclava & Sunglasses1 No. eachFor Sun protection
4Lightweight & quick drying bathing towel1 No.
5Trekking shoes/sport shoes1 PairShould be comfortable & with good grip. Cannot emphasise this enough as your feet is the most important tool you need! Avoid using new shoes as they can lead to shoe bite.
6Flip-Flops/ Sandals1 PairTo give your feet a breather when at the campsite & as a backup in case your trekking shoes are damaged.
7Lightweight Blankets/ Sleeping Bag1 No.It will be extremely cold at the basecamp during the night & all you’ll be provided is a mat to sleep on. At the same time carrying bulky & heavy blankets or sleeping bags will do more harm than good. Choose wisely.
8Lightweight Hiking Backpack + Rain cover1 No.-Your backpack can be your best friend or your biggest enemy during a 50 km trek.
-Choose ones with additional straps to reduce the load on your spine.
9Water Bottle - 1liter2 No.sFill one & carry the other as spare.
10Multi-tool/ Swiss Army Knife
11Small torch/ Headlamp1 No.
12Powerbank1 No.-There is a disproportionate number of people to plug points at the base camp
-Carry enough power to last 3 days & travel
13Snacks - Fruits/Chocolate bars/Nuts/Dried Fruits/ Biscuits etc-You’re going to need all the energy you can get.
-Make sure to remove all plastic covers & repack them in newspapers or paper bags
Toothbrush Small Toothpaste Small Soap Hand Sanitizer
Don’t bother carrying a deodorant as the forest officials will not let you carry it inside.
15First Aid Kit
Salt for leeches Volini Spray for sprains Bandaids Antiseptic cream Cotton Paracetamol Personal Medications if any
-One kit for the entire group will do.
16Photo ID Proof used while booking permits
17Entry Pass & Signed Affidavit
18Minimum Cash of Rs. 1000For Meals & Misc.

Points to be Noted:

  • There are several water sources along the trail and as such you only need to carry one filled water bottle except during the climb to the peak from the base camp where water sources are less and carrying an additional bottle of water is recommended.
  • Chances of rain on this trail during the months of January-March are slim although it may rain at the peak even during summer. If you have the extra space in your bag and are confident you can carry the extra weight, carry a lightweight rain coat along.
  • If you opt to complete the trek in two days, it will be dark by the time you reach back to Bonacaud Forest Check Post on Day 2. Hence one torch per participant is an absolute must in this case.
  • Cigarettes, Alcohols and other intoxicants are strictly not allowed and finding them in your luggage will lead to them being disposed of on the spot.
  • As per a High Court ruling, no kind of Pooja/worship is allowed at the peak from 2019. Kindly do not carry any Pooja materials with you as they will be disposed of at the entrance by the forest officials.
  • You may carry a trekking pole if required, although bamboo poles are available for sale at the Bonacaud forest check post at Rs. 10 per pole to be used as trekking poles.

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